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You are probably looking at this website because you are looking for a better solution for your client write-up or check writing needs.  Perhaps you are still using an old DOS client write-up system and realize that you will have to switch sooner or later because the marketplace has dramatically changed and keeps changing everyday.  Or you might be using Quickbooks Pro® or another general accounting program that is designed for single company use.  In that case, you might be having productivity problems with your increasing client base and wondering how much better your productivity (and bottom line) would be if you used a write-up program that was specifically designed to process large numbers of clients each month.  Perhaps you are already using a Windows® client write-up system but you are dissatisfied with it because it is too hard to use or poorly supported or too expensive or whatever.  Or maybe you just want to interface your accounting data to your tax package and you can't do it with your current combination of programs.  And no matter what reason has brought you here, you are probably also very concerned with how you would ever get all of your data from your current system to a new system. And finally, you are probably wondering how you could read in your data each month from your clients that use Quickbooks Pro® or other general business systems, if you did switch to a client write-up system.

Well, you have come to the right place.  We specialize in Client Write-Up and Payroll for accounting firms and accounting solutions for their clients.  Our Client Write-Up System has great reporting, great productivity and great support.  In addition, we have great conversion and interface programs.  We can get you from where you are now to a fully integrated solution that will dramatically improve your productivity and your bottom line.

We can do this because we have taken a special approach to the development of accounting firm software.  The difference between our approach and the approach of many other software firms is that our customers are not forced to choose between product and productivity.  We allow you to produce the best in reporting for your clients without sacrificing your productivity.  We have done this with an innovative design approach and by writing many, many special programs and specialized routines that are specifically tailored to maximize accounting firm product and productivity.  Although this took significantly more design work and effort on our part, the end result is that you can accomplish your accounting firm tasks in the most productive way and still produce the finest in reporting for your clients.  To net it out, "You can spend considerably less time and still produce the best product for your clients."  If this sounds appealing to you, please call us at 800-237-9234 and let us show you why our approach is so productive with an online demonstration.  Let us show you how your client data in your current system would be converted. Let us show you our interface to Quickbooks Pro® and other systems and how efficient they are. Let us show you how you would interface your tax program.  You won't be disappointed!!!

We have it!  Client Write-Up, Payroll, Payables, Receivables, Job Costing and Fixed Assets.  Great Reporting!  Great Productivity!  Great Support!  (We also have great conversions and interfaces to get you from where you are to where you want to be!!)

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