Our original Windows® Client Write-Up System was the end result of many years of marketplace experience and expertise.  We had a leading DOS client write-up system and this system was completely rewritten using our marketplace experience in order to take advantage of the powerful capabilities offered by a Windows® environment.  We began work on this system in the early 90's when Windows® became viable and formally announced our completely new native mode Windows® product in May of 1997.  Since then we have continuously fine-tuned and enhanced our Windows® Client Write-Up System and we continue to fine-tune and enhance it everyday based on a dynamic and constantly changing accounting and computer environment.  Who could have imagined the computer environment of today just ten years ago?  Who would have guessed the number of electronic transactions and filings that are commonplace today?  And there is no end in sight.  And yet the basics of accounting remain the same-and so do the basics of productivity.  Ease of use, speed, flexibility and sophistication of reports will always be of critical importance.

And so, our Windows® Client Write-Up program is a blend of the old and the new.  It combines field proven techniques with ease of use and high speed routines.  It has been reworked again and again to maximize productivity and reporting capabilities.  It has been enhanced again and again to stay current with the changing marketplace and the ever-increasing government and interfacing requirements.

The accounting basics remain the same.  Our system never has to close.  All financial periods remain open.  You are not limited by fiscal barriers or by design limitations.  You can make changes and produce financial reports for any period at any time.  You can produce popular historical reports like a last twelve month trend statement and even a five year history almost effortlessly.  You can quickly and efficiently search and access transactions from the time period in which they were originally entered.  You can enter transactions as quickly as you can type.  You can memorize vendors for even quicker entry.  You don't have to leave the same transaction entry menu item regardless of whether you are entering a disbursement check, a payroll check, a receipt or a journal entry.  There are many other transaction entry and interfacing capabilities that are too numerous to mention.  The integrated bank reconciliation program is easy to use and very fast.  And it can be quickly grasped by someone who is new to bank reconciliations.

The integrated payroll sub system is based on individualized line items.  Any item can be subject to or not subject to any tax and placed on any position on any governmental form.  Payroll reports are generated from plain paper without requiring a form.  There are numerous electronic filing capabilities.  The system can handle MICR checks and direct deposit.  The flexibility in payroll reporting is excellent and easy to use.  The payroll system is flexible, sophisticated and fast.

The Client Write-Up system interfaces with other accounting programs,  It has an outstanding interface with Quickbooks Pro®.  It produces reports in Adobe Acrobat® that can be saved or e-mailed.  It produces reports that can be placed in Excel® or Microsoft Word®.  We also have an integrated module called Computer Checkbook� that can be used by the accounting firm to write checks or by your clients at their offices. We have existing conversion programs that convert Client Write-Up or payroll data from more than forty other existing systems including systems of every kind, DOS or Windows®, client write-up, payroll or general.  The conversion of bookkeeping information from other systems is outstanding and very complete.   PC Software®  interfaces to many tax preparations programs.  These tax interface programs are excellent and have been field tested for many years.
































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