Programs purchased from PC Software Accounting, Inc.® include one  year of  technical support with toll-free telephone access.  Technical support is considered by PC Software Accounting® to include both telephone support and any necessary updates to the program. After the initial twelve month period, PC software Accounting® offers an annual support contract.  The support contract functions identically to the initial twelve month support service, but utilizes a non toll-free phone line.

Users should try to first resolve their questions using the help features or the program documentation manual prior to utilizing telephone support.  The elimination of difficulties which are easily solved via such methods will result in better productivity for all concerned. If users are unable to contact PC Software Accounting while an error is active on the screen, information should be written down to help in the resolution once contact can be made.  Useful information includes software version numbers of PC Software Accounting's program, details of any error that occurred, and the version  of Windows® which you are using.  Any unusual conditions, such as power failure, that happened before the error should also be noted.







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