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Even if you are only operating a small business and even if you are only paying yourself as an employee, you will need to produce payroll checks and keep payroll records, and file many payroll reports. Your Payroll has to be timely and it has to be accurate, to satisfy your employees and the government bureaucracy! With Payroll, there is no margin for error or time delays!! Many firms hire a payroll service, which can be expensive and often inconvenient in some ways. If you would rather not hire a payroll service to process your payroll, we have an inexpensive ($295), easy-to-use, full-functioned payroll program that will help you to do this job quickly, and accurately. You should also be aware that our telephone support is outstanding in helping you with any questions or problems that you might have. We also provide an update service to update the payroll program for changes in tax tables and other changes in government law. The initial $295 price includes telephone support for one year and any necessary program updates. After the first year, both telephone support and updates are available for a combined price of $95. We don’t think there is any less expensive solution!!! Our payroll program is an integrated part of the Basic Computer Checkbook System which can also produce vendor checks and deposit slips in addition to keeping accounting records (You get all of these features for your $295.). The varied functions of the Computer Checkbook program are described in more detail under the Computer Checkbook tab. This tab also discusses other programs and advanced features that might be of interest to you.

To produce payroll checks, you will first need to setup some company information, and then the information for each employee such as their name and address, their SSN, their filing status, and their hourly rate or salary amount. You will also need to setup any special types of pay such as tips, bonus or commission and also any other deductions that might affect an employee’s paycheck such as a medical insurance deduction or something like a 401K. Once this initial setup is completed, a payroll check can be quickly produced for any individual. It is that easy!!! The system can print the stub and check information on pre-printed checks that can be purchased through P.C. Software. (For prices and information on ordering- click on the Order Checks, Deposits Tab.). The system is also flexible enough to adapt to the checks that you currently use, and might have a supply of, such as QuickBooks checks.

As further described on the Computer Checkbook tab, there is also an advanced payroll option that provides the payroll functions that you might need if your company is larger (i.e., more than 20 employees) or if you do not have an accounting firm filing your payroll reports. If you have this need, you can click on the Computer Checkbook tab for more details.

We would be happy to give you an online demonstration of our payroll program to show you how easy it is to use and how full-functioned it is. While we are doing this, you can explain your particular payroll needs and we can show you how your particular situation would be handled. Just call us at 800-237-9234 and ask for an online demonstration.