The Windows® Computer Checkbook System is a check writing program that was designed to be used by the accounting firm as well as by their clients. 

A particular benefit of the Windows® Computer Checkbook System is that it is designed to directly interface to the PC Software Accounting Windows® Client Write-Up System and to include all the information that accounting firms need to professionally and productively prepare payroll and financial reports.  Windows® Computer Checkbook typically reduces write-up preparation time to approximately 20% of the time that is required without the use of this system. 

The Basic Computer Checkbook System writes both payroll and payables checks. It can also prepare deposit slips, and, of course, it keeps the accounting records for all the transactions that it processes. It also allows "journal entries" to be made to record other accounting transactions such as debit card transactions, online payments or accumulated depreciation. This system also has a bank reconciliation feature that allows bank and credit card accounts to be formally reconciled. The Basic Computer Checkbook system is inexpensive, easy to use, very fast and well supported. It is also designed to keep the records that an accounting firm needs to process your end-of-the-year tax return.

There are a number of advanced features for Computer Checkbook that were designed to facilitate high-volume and special purpose needs. There is an advanced payroll feature designed to provide faster processing for companies with more than twenty employees and also to provide capabilities such as Direct Deposit, MICR Checks and full payroll reporting (i.e. unemployment reports, 941, W2's, 1099's etc.). There is an advanced payables feature that allows invoices to be entered into the system and individually selected for payment at a later date. This feature also produces a cash requirements list and an open payables report which can be very helpful in the management of payables. There is also an accounts receivable feature which can produces invoices and an aged receivables report. The accounts receivable feature is also used to print statements and to provide functions and reports to manage receivables.

If you need the capability to produce financial reports and if you have the accounting background to process accounting transactions, there is a General Ledger System available. If you have a construction company or other type of company that requires accounting for each job, there is also a job costing feature available. If you have a number of assets and must keep depreciation records for them and especially if you have multiple locations or multiple taxing entities levying taxes on those assets, a Fixed Assets System is available. We will be happy to provide online demonstrations for any of these features or systems. Just call us at 800-237-9234.

We also provide custom programming services if your business has special or unusual requirements.




























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