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2017 FL RT6 Update - Version 10.61.07 - Last Updated 10/10/17
You must have installed version 10.53.01 or higher for this update to work

Date Description
10/10/17 FL RT6 - Florida made a change to the electronic file layout for the RT6 report.

2017 941 Update - Version 10.56.04 - Last Updated 04/10/17
You must have installed version 10.53.01 or higher for this update to work

Date Description
03/21/17 Only the Paper version of the 941 is available in the 10.56.01 version of the program.

04/03/17 The Standard Rate for Administrative Assessment on the Georgia Unemployment form has changed.

04/04/17 Fixed a problem with EFTPS Multi Client.

The MO Unemployment Quarterly has been updated.

04/10/17 IL 941 - The Daily Liabilities can now be overridden.

2017 Federal Tax Tables - Last Updated 12/29/16

Date Table Description
12/29/16 Single (FEDS) & Married (FEDM) 2017 Federal Tax Tables were incorrect. Under Standard Deduction the Minimum box had a figure in it and should have had just a zero (0)

2016 W2 Program Update - Version 10.53.04 - Last Updated 01/09/17

Date Description
01/04/17 Made needed changes to North Carolina Electronic W2 File creation. To run follow the steps below:

  1. Run W2 and 1099 -> Create/Print Tax Forms normally to create electronic file.

  2. If you are filing Federal electronically, do the normal List/Copy> to verify the file is correct and then transmit the Federal file.

  3. Now run W2 and 1099 -> State-Specific W2/W3s -> North Carolina Electronic List/Copy.

  4. Now click on the button [Remove all Records Except RE, RW, and RS. This is Required]. The file created is now suitable ONLY for NC electronic filing.

Also made changes to the Oklahoma Electronic W2 File. Which is created normally.

01/09/17 1096 - They system will now check Box 7 if you have run Create 1099/1096 Files an any 1099Ms created have a figure in Box 7

2016 941 Update - Version 10.35.02 - Last Updated 03/23/16
You must have installed version 10.32.01 or higher for this update to work

Date Description
03/22/16 Wheel Scrolling on reports now works on systems running Window 10

Contains some State Tax Table Updates

Contains all the latest W2/1099/1095/1094 Updates

03/23/16 Fixes a problem if you selected more than (1) copy of the 941 or click in the Year Field

CCB Update - Version 10.32.02 - Last Updated 01/05/16
You must have installed version 10.32.01 from a CD, for this update to work

This contains the Bank Report patch.

2015 941 Update - Version 10.25.06 - Last Updated 04/20/15
You must have installed version 10.22.01 or higher from a CD, for this update to work

Date Description

04/06/15 Contains revised NH Quarterly Unemployment Report

Contains revised NJ Family Leave Rate Change

Fixes a problem with the Bank Routing/Acct Overwrite on Direct Deposit Checks

04/20/15 Fixes a problem with $ not appearing on Financial Statements

2015 State Tax Tables - Version 10.22.01 - Last Updated 12/15/14

Date Description
12/15/14 Tables included in the 10.22.01 update

The update listed below is not intended for regular Client Write Up or Computer Checkbook Customers
Tax Forms Program Update - ( Last Update 01/16/2014