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The files and patches listed below are those that PC Software presently provides on this web site. Some files may require a Password in order to be downloaded. To obtain a password please contact us.


2018 941 Update - Version 10.66.05 - Last Updated 05/04/18
You must have installed version 10.64.02 or higher for this update to work

Date Description

03/27/18 SC - Updated Paper WH-1605, 1606 & 1612 forms. We also updated the Electronic Unemployment Filing option.

04/20/18 KY - Updated the Electronic Unemployment Quarterly to the new format.
IL - Fixed a rounding problem on the Paper Unemployment Quarterly Form.

05/04/18 GA - Updated the GA Withholding Coupon to the 2018 format.

2017 W2 Program Update - Version 10.64.11 - Last Updated 01/29/18

Note This will only update the version number on the W2 program, it will not change the version number on the CWU and/or CCB program.

Date Description
01/11/18 Fixed a problem on the W3 dealing with reporting Roth IRA’s in box 12A – Deferred Compensation.

Fixed a problem on the 943 with the ‘X’ for Apply to next return printing outside the box.

01/17/18 North Carolina – NC-3 has been updated for 2017

Georgia add the option to create the file needed to file GA 1099’s Electronically.

W2 and 1099 -> State Specific 1099’s -> Create GA Electronic File

01/29/18 Massachusetts – M-3 has been updated to the latest revision.

1099M - Attorney are always reportable regardless of amount. They were being excluded by the exclusion amount on the Setup 1099 Screen.

2018 Tax Tables - Last Updated 02/20/18

Date Table Description
12/29/17 Single (FEDS) & Married (FEDM)

Updated State Tax Tables
2018 Federal Tax Tables are not out yet, check back to see when the updated tables will be available for downloading.

We have update all the State Tax Tables that have been released as of 12/27/17. Some states will not release their 2018 tables until January or February 2018. So again check back to see if your state tables have been updated and available for downloading.

Single (FEDS) & Married (FEDM

State Unemployment Maximum Changes
New 2018 Federal Tax Tables have been released and are available to be download.

The following states need their Unemployment Maximum changed. Click on the preceding link for instructions.
California, Delaware, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

02/20/18 Mississippi

The first 1,000 wages earned are except from withholding

The percentages have changed for 2108

2017 FL RT6 Update - Version 10.61.07 - Last Updated 10/10/17
You must have installed version 10.53.01 or higher for this update to work

Date Description
10/10/17 FL RT6 - Florida made a change to the electronic file layout for the RT6 report.

2017 941 Update - Version 10.56.04 - Last Updated 04/10/17
You must have installed version 10.53.01 or higher for this update to work

Date Description
03/21/17 Only the Paper version of the 941 is available in the 10.56.01 version of the program.

04/03/17 The Standard Rate for Administrative Assessment on the Georgia Unemployment form has changed.

04/04/17 Fixed a problem with EFTPS Multi Client.

The MO Unemployment Quarterly has been updated.

04/10/17 IL 941 - The Daily Liabilities can now be overridden.

CCB Update - Version 10.32.02 - Last Updated 01/05/16
You must have installed version 10.32.01 from a CD, for this update to work

This contains the Bank Report patch.

2015 941 Update - Version 10.25.06 - Last Updated 04/20/15
You must have installed version 10.22.01 or higher from a CD, for this update to work

Date Description

04/06/15 Contains revised NH Quarterly Unemployment Report

Contains revised NJ Family Leave Rate Change

Fixes a problem with the Bank Routing/Acct Overwrite on Direct Deposit Checks

04/20/15 Fixes a problem with $ not appearing on Financial Statements

2015 State Tax Tables - Version 10.22.01 - Last Updated 12/15/14

Date Description
12/15/14 Tables included in the 10.22.01 update

The update listed below is not intended for regular Client Write Up or Computer Checkbook Customers
Tax Forms Program Update - ( Last Update 01/16/2014